It’s been a long freakin while now.

  • I was getting ALL good at posting to my blog for a while and then *poof* nothing… Well I have some updates for you.
  • Apache (my cat not my web server) has recovered enough to go outside and prance around and be her normal bubbly self again. Which is nice..

  • Buddy is growing like a freaking weed… he’s over 65 lbs now! And he’s entering hisadolescence (which, of course, means he isnt listening for crap)

  • Ookles is coming along nicely. We’ve tacked on the foundations for all the really kickass features to come. Theres very very little left to do under the hood before we can really start with the racing stripes… Hopefuly more on that soon.
  • I’ve been spending a lot of time lately in JavaScript (not my favorite place) but I have to say that the YUI library is making it much more pleasant than it used to be… Look for a good smattering of web++ goodness in ookles when it comes out and then for it to grow like a virus
  • I’m really liking Mac and OSX, but after extensiveuse sucks really bad for me. Probably due to the use of Imap with truly huge message stores, but so far thunderbird has it beat hands down (so far == 6 hours now) I’ve also tried out camino for the first time. no impression yet tho..
  • I’ve also been paying attention to a dog specific forum lately. It’s been a long time since I participated in a Forum… Deja Vu all over again! It’s funny, though, that after X years (where X is a bunch) the technology really hasnt gone anywhere… it’s still precisely what it was way back when with prettier graphics (sometimes)