Eating Amazon EC2 for lunch :D

At lunch Feedster, and Technorati are neck and neck (well for this past 4 hour stint) with 5 EC2 entries each. Feedster has 3 of the 5 not being junk… Technorati has 5 of 5 not being junk… Of course nothing really new to report on those posts…

However 12f does make an interesting point in his article Innovative Amazon.Com Web Services

Let’s take a hypothetical case – a client that wants a 5 year hosting deal for an ERP solution. They will need servers, storage, and support.

* 20 CPUs
* 1 Terabyte of Storage
* 200 GB of Bandwidth consumption per month

Over 5 years, using Amazon’s infrastructure, your cost will be approximately $100,000. This is going to be far, far less than any comparable quote you would receive from a traditional hosting service.