Down with HTML E-Mail!

Begin rant

I’m with Jeremy on this one… Lets face it, e-mail is broken.  We have long since outgrown it, we have been living with the pains of ot for a long time now.  It’s everyones favorite internet whipping boy. “I hate spam” “I hate stupid forwards” “I hate huge attachments”.  We spend all our time bitching about e-mail but them when something happens it’s “the sky is falling the sky is falling give me back my good sweet innocent e-mail the way it was before you broke it! It was JUST FINE THE WAY IT WAS WHY DID YOU HAVE TO CHANGE IT?!”

Go whine to somebody else, seriously. EMail is the black plague of the internet, its an infectious disease, a self sustaining spiral down the drain of absurdity. I, for one, will be happy when all of the people who depend on it, and who enable it, and who empower it finally go retire on some island somewhere and the kids take over and it’s all about text messaging, not e-mail.

Speaking of kids taking over: “SUCKS TO YOUR EMAIL!”

End rant