And we’re off

So now back off to the vet to pick up the dog who’s gonna spend most of the next few weeks being MISERABLE because he’s gonna have to be crated a a LOT, wont be able to play with the other dogs at all for a while, and will have to wear a satellite-dish-collar. On the plus side he’ll have a drain installed in his ear and he’ll be leaking gross fluids form his head for a while. I guess theres ALWAYS a silver lining, insn’t there?!

quick update

Well… everything that could go wrong this weekend (outside work) has gone wrong.

My replay tv is dying

My wifes laptop is dying

I have one dog getting out of surgery right now because of a hematoma

I have one cat with ringworm

One cat got the crap beat up out of her in a fight

I had my tire punctured so badly it needs replacing (this was on the way to the vet yesterday night when we noticed the swelling in buddy’s ear (the hematoma))

The dogs chewed a hose

One dog ate my wifes flipflops while we were away and puked pieces of it up all over the house

We have to go back to Fremont sometime this week to return the old cable receiver and modem or get sent to collections

Oh, and the IRS sent us a letter about a form missing from my tax return (I used TaxCut to avoid exactly this kind of crap!)

On the plus side… We’re alive 🙂

The iPhone… Its not even out yet and everyone is drooling over it

And if they aren’t, they should be!  Ajax has long been the missing link between phones as a mobile computing platform and phones as a simple messaging device.  the fact is that there is a vastly larger poll of people willing to write useful web apps than useful java apps.  I would also argue that it’s easier to write good web apps than java apps of the same magnitude.  So with apples announcement that the iPhone will support web 2.0 standards (read AJAX) what was once a tasty looking new toy has become something more. It’s become a tasty toy with a good enough reason for the cost.   I’d have to pay to break my contract with Sprint, start a contract with Cingular, buy the new iPhone, buy the wife a new phone (shared Sprint plan)…. I’m probably looking at $700-$1000 to make the switch.  And I’m already thinking that its worth it.  I’m going to hold off though… as long as I can stand it.  I want someone to review it, I want to see how the web explosion hits Cingulars networks… I want to see how hard they are to find at first…  Mostly I just want the damn phone really bad… But I’m gonna try to be a good boy and hold off… Maybe

When simple plans attack!

Well at the zoo we lost a pair of glasses, so off to lensecrafters… no eye exam in 3 years… so eye exam… 2 hors for glasses… and WHAM a day thats supposed to end at 4:00pm ends at 9:00pm… sigh… 🙂 we now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Adventures in babysitting

So apparently I, and my wife, are signed up to babysit… well… a baby (or very young kid)… so I guess I’ll be on my best behavior and do my best not to step on her by accident 🙂  Seriously though… We’ll be going to the zoo, so thats cool.  I haven’t been to a zoo in ages.  I may come home early, and not stay the full 6 or however many hours.  Welp.  Time to go pack up the ol’ iBook

“Somebody steal it already”

Thre’s a car alarm going off across the street.  Been going off for like 10 minutes now.  All my wife can say is “somebody steal it already!”  I maintain that for this very reason car alarms don’t work: Nobody cares.  My wife didnt look, I didnt look, heck the owner figured it was somebody else’s and didn’t look either. Whens the last time you investigated an alarm going off?  Me either!

nasty regex

I’m putting this here for documentation purposes… Because getting it right was a very frustrating ordeal (I’d never had to match both positively and negatively in the same regex before)


what this is, essentially, saying is “true if the string doesnt match ^.+\.php and the string matches ^.*(\.jpg|\.jpeg|\.gif|\.ico|\.png)” The last bit: “|^$” never returns true in my case,because we’re matching on URI’s which are always at least one character long ( “/” )