Just a friendly new years eve reminder!

Keep your WP installs up to date!  You never know who might b using the holidays (and their general hustle and bustle) to cloak their activities. Often times you’ll find that bad things happen while you we’re off doing other things for a while. This is usually no coincidence 🙂

So upgrade those WP’s kiddies!

Well I made the switch to Leopard (First impressions)

First of all I did not “upgrade” I backed up (using iBackup 6.2,) then booted into the installation DVD (restart, hold C for a long time) and then entered the disk utility, formatted my disk, and installed fresh.  After rebooting and finishing my installation, I re-downloaded iBackup, and restored selected applications (and their settings,) My system settings, and my home directory.

The bad:

iBackup does not backup dot folders in the root of a backed up folder! It backed up .svn directories in my svn checkouts, but not (for example) my .ssh or .subversion folders in ~/.  For the vast majority of users this doesnt matter. but for developers and admins (I happen to be both) this is severely annoying.  Lucking I keep a backup of my .bash_profile, and my ssh rsa and dsa keys.  So all is well

The good:

I was extremely happy about a lot of things in leopard!!  First of all my delete button works now instead of entering “~” each time i hit it.  Second subversion was installed by default (yay!)  Third the builtin ssh command now supports public key authentication from ~/.ssh/ keys by default (yay!)

Thats all. My first impressions have been very good. I’m happy with the product, and these minor improvements have really made me smile. They were little annoyances, but annoyances nonetheless that hindered me every day (especially the delete key thing.)  That makes the already enjoyable OSX experience that much more enjoyable.  Haven’t had to use macports for anything yet!