Autumn Leaves Leaf (Irc Bot) — Chanlogger

Simple, straight forward. Logs channel messages.

class Chanlogger < AutumnLeaf
 def did_receive_channel_message(sender, channel, msg)
  log_base = File::dirname(File::dirname(__FILE__)) + "/data/logs"
   subdir = log_base + "/" + Date::today.to_s[0..6]
  Dir::mkdir(subdir) if false == File::directory?(subdir)
  logfile = subdir + "/" + channel.to_s.sub('#','') + "@" + Date::today.to_s
  f = File::open(logfile, 'a')
  f.puts(Time::now.to_s + "\t" + sender.to_s + "\t" + msg.to_s)

Well I’m Back

After a week (plus 2 days) vacation I’m back in thw swing of things… At least until the 20th when I take off to meet up with the gang once more.  I’ll be glad when all this traveling is done… I’m something of a simple homebody and this shuffling from one place to another makes me itchy 🙂

The vacation was OK. It rained almost constantly, was cold. The drive up was the worst, it just happened to coincide with a huge storm, and we could hardly see the road as we drove through the mountains (thank God for GPS.) There was no fence so we had to stand out in the rain to let the dogs do their business. The shops were alright, a lot of them closed for THEIR vacations (being the tourist off season.) Before we left the window in the kitchen sprung a leak just in time for a huge rainstorm. Bella went into heat (again) and had to wear a diaper the whole time. The dogs didn’t behave well (dogs neverdo when cooped up for a week solid (on top of the hormone cocktail of bella going into heat.))  We did get about 3/4 of a day on the beach in the sun towards the end.

We’ll get bella fixed as soon as shes out of heat. We would have done so earlier but for various medical complications (eye surgery, then heat, then the new cat brought ringworm to the home with it, and now heat again.)  Dont worry, we’re not planning on having our own puppies.  Not at this juncture in our lives anyway.

All said, I was relieved to finally get home where things made sense, and even if bad things were to continue plaguing us  we could deal with it in the known comforts of our own home.