Erlang… Starting to come together…

I’m finally starting to “get” erlang… just a little bit… I’ve managed to make several TCP daemons… an echo server, a reverse echo server, and a server which spits out an md5 values of the input given.

Yea… I know… Lame… but its one hump I’m finally over…

Just because you build it, doesnt mean they will come

Here’s a small bit of advice for all you would-be “cloud storage providers.” Just because you have a buttload of disks doesn’t mean people will be falling over themselves to use your software. If I have to spend *any* of my time worrying about your load, storage, or other internal algorithms (or unnecessary limitations for that matter) then YOU . HAVE . FAILED.

If I have to take the time to shard my data into 4096 different containers because you couldn’t be bothered to think “hey what if a service with a lot of users that create a lot of stuff decides to use us as a store?” Then you’re obviously not in it to win it (so to speak.)

Give us ABSTRACTED storage. Non abstracted storage we can do on our own thank you.