.mobi … seriously?

If we’re talking about really bringing the web to mobile devices, which are by their nature smaller, why are we using a longer domain name?

sure its just one character, but… on a keyboard thats 1/15th the size of a regular keyboard… or worse… with handwriting recognition, shoulldnt we go with the motto “more is less” ??!

apokalyptik.mobi ? how about apokalyptik.m … I mean… come on… throw us a fricken bone here!

opera mobile

i have to say that, so far, opera mobile (demo/beta mind you) is the best web browser available for my ppc6700 phone. minimo (ppc mozilla port) would win out except its slow (read SLOW) and crashes a lot. opera mobile is quick, responsivee, has tabs, and works with wordpress (how i’m posting this now!) thunderhawk was a promising cpntender but turned out to be a joke (to be fair my pho ne isnt supported)… at this point i’m stuck in IE hell… and it sucks…now… to find a *good* ssh client with dsa public key auth support