Well here I am in bed, and I have to say that scott was right. The reason you get a small notebook (in this case an ibook 12″) is so that you can, reflexively, pick it up and waltz around the house with it at will.
I’ve been doing this recently, and It’s great. It’s light, not clunky, and I dont use *any* accessories with it. I pick it up and go… and… I *DO*.

I’d used notebooks in the past, but always the 17″ “desktop replacement” notebooks. The funny thing about the deskttop replacement notebooks is that that’s EXACTLY what they became! I would sit the thing on the desk and hook up all kinds of attachments to it, and it would never… ever… move. Unless it *had* to move, and then I grumbled about it constantly because things werent as I remembered it, or expected it, or wanted it.

I have a lot of stuff to work out, such as the idea of storing my mail/firefox/IM preferences in a version control system for a simple commit/update/go of my “important” stuff. For this it would be nice to have a RCS which actively manages all files in a directory. I hear Git (?) does this, and I *know* subversion doesnt… perhaps I’ll explore this idea a little bit more.

I’ve also looked a bit at dogster, and It doesnt seem to have any of the “active” social stuff for dogs and their owners, more passive/presteige (SP) type stuff. I’ll keep looking, and perhaps make something myself if I dont find anything worthwhile.