Blogging some links and comments

Freespire? worth thinking about. From what I’ve been told by people who’ve used it it’s a really nice OS. I wouldn’t run any servers with it, but I might give it a good try for an oldish desktop which could use a faster browser 😀 (I dont actually know if linspire browses faster than, say, XP, but it’s a decent bet)

Save the internet I wonder if anyone on the internet besides bloggers are political enough to *do* it?

note to self: read more about google calendar I have a hobby project going on that I’m thinking about using google calendar for… I’ll need to remember to read this…

speaking of politics Since I’m “growing up” (and stuff) I constantly tell myself that I should be more aware than I am about the local and global politics shaping my world… I’ve held off as long as I could, but it feels more and more like it’s time to jump in and get my feet wet… I dont know enough to do anything but make an ass out of myself, but a 3rd (major) party doesnt sound like a bad idea IMHO.

Web 2.0 getting boring? Web 2.0 should never have been *overly* exciting to anyone with a truly analytical head in the first place. It’s the natural progression. However I’m sure we’ll see the same post about this length of time after web 3.0 (which wont be called that i’m sure)… all things fade..

Scott McNealy no longer sun’s CEO I stood in a room of about 12 people once while this guy talked. He was a fairly funny guy.

speaking of getting excited about web 2.0 This is something being done which is fairly cool… It’s not pushing at any new walls, but I think it’s a good push… and I’m glad to see us re-exporing our boundaries as technology evolves. [email protected]? hah!

no peace for the dead, even the REALLY dead…

This is, hopefully, good news as the people who write the programs that those little bastard script kiddies use are getting more and more intelligent…