Things are looking up for apache (no, not the web server)

Apache, who had suffered tissue damage (muscles), and had several inflamed internal organs, and had (possibly) a fracture in her pelvic bone, is recovering. The vet put her on steroids to help with the pain and inflamation. We’re now weening her off of the steroids (she’s now down to one every other day.) And after two more weeks we should be able to let her roam freely again. She’s been confined to a single room for, gosh, 3 weeks now? And she’s hating it. She’s an in/out cat and she really likes to roam the neighborhood. She’s also been eating a lot (because of the steroids) so she’s plumped a little bit. Apache is, however, back to her normal self with us (very effectionate, purring like a little kitty-motor-car) She’s a very good kitty, and I’m glad shes on the road to recovery. Poor thing