Myth: Linux doesnt need updates out of the box

I’ve just installed a fresh (from the dvd) Fedora Core 5 install. I checked all packages available to me in the installer (except the languages, because I’m monolingual) and “$ yum update” is now downloading 389 updates (thats almost 1GB)

So while I still think that the *nix OS’s are *WAY* better than the MS OS’s… The idea that linux doesnt need as many security updates out of the box as windows, is clearly a myth.

Unless: You installed the Linux release as soon as it came out (I.E. during the initial mirroring process), *OR* you built your OS from scratch. Even then over the course of your installed lifetime you’ll be applying a *LOT* of patches (or upgrades if you wish)

As a side note: The number of securioty updates being low would be, in my mind, a bad thing. You *WANT* your OS people to be consious of the fact that there are other people smarter than they are 🙂