Whoa, talk about neglecting your weblog! Bad Form!

I know, I know, I’ve been silent for quite some time. Well Let me assure you that I’m quite all right! Are you less worried about me now? Oh good. (Yes I’m a cynical bastage sometimes.)

So life has, as it tends to do, come at me pretty fast. I’ve left my previous employer, Ookles, and I wish them all the best in accomplishing everything that they’ve been working towards. So I’ve Joined up with the very smart, very cool guys at Automattic. I have to tell you I’m excited to be working with these guys, they’re truly a great group.

I guess that means I’m… kind of… like… obligated to keep up on my blog now, eh?  I’m also kind of, like, ehausted. Jumping feet first into large projects has a tendency to do that to a guy though.  And truth be told I would have it any other way…




9 thoughts on “Whoa, talk about neglecting your weblog! Bad Form!

  1. hey it happens, the important thing is that you are back. I have not even been doing this that long and I already have had a break. But now I am back with a local group to get motivated to blog again. good luck with the new job

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