This is going to save me a lot of headache, and some cash

Seeing as I just had a 75 ft network cable chewed through which connects my office (upstairs) to the internet connection (cable modem down stairs)… and that I just happen to have bought (a long while back) a second openWRT-able router this article: OpenWRT wifi bridge is going to save me headache, time, and money.

First off… buying premade network cable… isnt cheap… and second buying wireless bridges is also not cheap (in the neighborhood of $80 to $160) expecially which are capable of 54Mb/sec…

My last wireless bridge used for this purpose was an old 802.11b jobber which was sorely inadequate… it would choke on the number of connections I have a tendency to hape open… Throughput was *TERRIBLE*… Even though my internet connection is only 6M (8M now) the 11M bridge just could *NOT* cut the cake… And it ran me $80 at the time I bought it…

Heres to hoping that OpenWRT is just as good at bridging as it is at routing

I’ll keep you updated… perhaps I’ll do this tonight (I dont have to do it immediately because I happened to have an old 100Ft cable which is not in use any longer, since my wife dropped her desktop in favor of my old laptop)

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